‘’KAREEMAT’’ is a womanly community center that fully supports Syrian females in different areas of life.

Kareemat is a social, non-profit, non-political humanitarian organization that started its idea in 2013 and was officially opened in 2014 under license number (B054VLK4790800/6627).

It works to help women and children affected by war and internal conflicts by teaching them a craft that protects them from need and need and achieves self-sufficiency and raises them health, knowledge and legal awareness.


Kareemat’s goal is to work to achieve equality for women in all their rights, and thus to reach a society that believes in peace, justice, and equal access to services for all members of society and to live in dignity.

Providing social, educational and in- kind assistance to all women especially to those whom have survived persecution of ISIS and have been subjected to forms of injustice, exploitation, oppression and violence. Besides that, Kareemat pays a special attention to support females who gave up working in prostitution by offering them a space to learn vocational and language skills and spend time with other women so they do not feel that they are forsaken and support them

integrate with the society again. Therefore, such general issues should be problems of the whole society not women only.

We also try to teach women about their rights in all aspects of life so they can have better standards of life.

Kareemat believes that family harmony and harmony is the first and most important step to achieve social and psychological peace through its positive reflections on family members and on the surrounding community, and from this standpoint, she always works to support the idea of building peace through the activities it provides

Kareemat’s Vision and Activities

The center was found on 01-August-2014 by the Syrian activist Najla Al-Sheikh and a group of refugee women with the help of professional advisors in Kilis province-Turkey.

Our Vision

Empowering women by raising their awareness and enhancing their social and health education in addition to teaching them all necessary skills to integrate and take their essential role in the society.

Our Values

Trust in ourselves, Objective thinking, Variety of ideas is a source of strength, Freedom of thinking,

Ethic rules at work are essential, Sincerity.

İndicators of Achievements

Large numbers of beneficiaries the center receives, Collaboration with many NGOs and receiving support offers from various sources, Quality and variety of activities the center provides.

Management of The Center

Manager, Executive secretary, Accountant, Project manager, Children Teachers, Trainers of sewing, knitting, make up+ beauty care and nursery, Logistics officer, Deputy, Health care advisors, Literacy and English+ Turkish teachers, Computer teacher.

Economic Empowerment:

Cosmetic Section:

Empowering women in all areas of cosmetics (hair, cosmetics and skin care). In this Section 40 trainee learn the art ofewing beauty. Within 3 months period we celebrated the graduation of 20 trainees.


Sewing section:(creative tailoring, recycling and upcycling clothing for resale)

Educating the trainees about the basics of sewing and knitting ready-made garments. There are currently 20 trainees in this department and every year we have 40 successfully graduate trainees from this department.


Department of crochet and knitting wool:

Empowering women by starting with the basic principles of crochet progressing to creating their own crocheted clothing and sophisticated pieces of art from the Internet. We currently have 30 trainees enrolled in this section.


Kindergarten Department:

This department takes care of children whose mothers attend courses at the center. They learned many useful and entertaining things, through the interactive play system such as showing animated movies, numbers and letters and telling meaningful stories. Children are also prepared to enter Turkish schools and help them integrate into the host Turkish society.

Empowerment of knowledge:

computer education department

In this section, the beneficiaries learn to work on important computer applications (word / EXCL/ POWERPOINT) In this section we have two levels (beginner and advanced level) in each level we have 10 students.

Turkish language course:

There are two semesters for this course. The first is for beginners who want to learn the Turkish language in order to communicate with Turks, push the integration process and manage life The second section is for beneficiaries who want to learn the Turkish language professionally and obtain a language certificate, and most of them are school students and working people We have 20 students who attend the beginner course. And there are 30 students who attend the professional course.

English language course:

Conversational and Beginners English courses are conducted using the main book. There are approximately 20 students who attend this course.

Literacy course:

There are 10 students.

Human development Course:

Weekly Health Education sessions:

There are 30 students in this course.

Weekly Psychological support sessions for Kareemat’s volunteer staff and beneficiaries.